Intensive driving courses in Brighton and Sussex at short notice

The fastest intensive driving courses in Brighton and Sussex

Intensive driving courses in Brighton and Sussex don't come any quicker than ours. Whether you're a new learner or test ready, we offer the shortest notice driving crash courses in the whole of Brighton and Sussex. (We also now cover parts of Kent and Surrey). Your fully qualified and experienced driving instructor will be able to train you from scratch or quickly assess what needs to be done to get you to test standard if you have driven previously.

Don't be put off by the Brighton phone number if you live in Chichester, Crawley or Hastings, we cover the whole of the county.

You can call us now on 01273 978179 or click the call button at the bottom of your mobile screen. Your call will be re-directed straight to an instructor. If they are unable to answer please leave a message with your name, number and where you live. Your call will be returned shortly.

If you want to learn to drive in a week, or need just a day or two refreshing, we can normally arrange a prompt start. We can quickly assess your needs with just a short phone call.

This is not only because our instructors have been doing crash course driving lessons for many years.  It's also because they have the skills to get on top of any emerging problems and show you how to stop them from becoming bad driving habits.

The rest of the page will take about five minutes of your time to read. It tells you why we're your best choice assuming what you really want from an intensive driving course is to pass your test first time, with the minimum of fuss.

We also explain why some intensive course providers aren't all that they seem. As some of the top professionals in the industry we hate to see uninformed potential customers getting, for want of a better word, ripped-off elsewhere.

Why we offer the best intense driving lessons in Sussex

It's the help and advice we offer sets us apart from others. We find out about your driving history, if any; what preconceptions you may have about lessons, and explain how you can minimise the time it takes you to learn.

You can benefit from the fact that we are unique in Sussex by only having first class instructors.

Many driving schools simply allocate second class, grade B instructors to a one week driving course, knowing that their potential customers know nothing about instructor grading. Do you?

National companies who advertise as one week  intensive driving course specialists will often take hundreds of pounds as a 'deposit' from people like you just for getting an anonymous instructor that they have never met to contact you.  Not us.

How do we know this? Because our instructors get unsolicited e-mails from them. These money makers then simply post course details on websites, enabling any instructor to claim the course.

Once the course is claimed and allocated, the provider has completed their contract with you and your deposit is gone.

What sets our crash courses apart?

Well, to our knowledge no other crash course driving school provider has a structured training programme for their instructors that aims to get them all to be of the very highest quality.

We are able to do this as we have A* graded instructors (who scored over 95% during their regular DVSA assessment) training and assessing their colleagues to ensure that they also become the very best.

So you can be sure that even those instructors that do crash course driving lessons for us, who are not A* will be doing their very best to teach you to the high standards that we demand, and so we make it easier to pass your test. So confident of our ability are we that we even have an intensive driving course guaranteed pass option.

If that's convinced you, call us now, on 01273 978179 or click the green 'Call Now' button at the bottom of your mobile screen.

In not, read on again.

Is our  One Week Driving Course right for you?

We really want you to pass your test, just as much as you do yourself. That's because our driving lessons crash course instructors aren't the sort that are happy just to go through the motions, we don't recruit people like that.

Our instructors take pride in what they do, and enjoy the satisfaction of getting people through their test first time. They don't want you just to 'have a go' at your driving test, they want you to pass.

What sets the best driving crash course instructors apart from less dedicated ones is that we want to complete our job, and not leave it half done.

Are you ready to learn to drive in a week?

Learning to drive is exciting for most people, but are you ready for the frustration of your limbs not doing what you want them to immediately you start your week's driving course, because often they won't for a few hours.

If you can't relate to that try learning to juggle.

Even with good instruction balls get dropped all over the place to start with, but after a while you can keep them whirling round like magic. It's similar with a 1 week driving course. At first you're often likely to more your left foot up when it needs to go down, because the right foot is often going the opposite way at the same time.

When you're driving however, unlike when you're juggling, it's impossible for you as a Learner on your intense driving course to know how good the instruction is, because even mediocre instruction will get the car down the road.

However if the instruction isn't very good, you're going to take longer to get to high standard to pass the test, if you reach it at all. Some companies that arrange fast track driving lessons will charge you the same for a trainee as a top grade instructor without making you aware of this. You won't find us doing that. We will treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves.

How to make passing the driving test quickly, easy

In order to cope with the situations that you'll meet on your driving test you just need to have a few simple routines put firmly in place. However not all instructors from one week driving courses put these routines firmly in place, some may be trainees or newly qualified and lack the knowledge that experience brings, while others will let their pupils get away with stuff for 'a quiet life'.

When the pupil then comes to the end of their crash driving course and fails they will tend to blame themselves or more likely the examiner, especially if the instructor then agrees with them that the examiner has a reputation for being harsh.

What you need to ask yourself is, is a first time pass what you are really looking for, because that's the kind of focused customer we're looking for. If you are looking to do a driving course to get a licence at the end of it so that you can really get on with your life and consider it money well spent then we're the people who want to help you to achieve that aim.

If that's convinced you call us now, on 01273 978179 or click the call button on mobile.

If not, and you want to know more about how a course works for a beginner, read on.

Seven Day - Intensive driving course

A full one week intensive driving course is likely to be suitable for you if you have never driven before and think that you might struggle to learn to drive. Ideally you would start on a Saturday and take the test the following Friday.

If you don't think you'll have difficulty or have already done some driving then you'll probably need less time.  But this is how things are likely to pan out on a full one week driving course.

As everyone is an individual and the Sussex (plus Kent & Surrey) Test Centres are quite diverse in the type of roads that you'll encounter, the following should be only regarded as a rough guide to what you'll expect on a daily basis, depending on your progress.

If you have experience, learn quickly or are doing automatic you may well be able to take less time.

Intensive Driving Course - Day One

All non drivers will usually start in an automatic car. This enables easier familiarisation of the main safety controls of steering and brakes etc in a quiet area, even off the road if necessary for your peace of mind.

Low speed car control will be prioritised as this is crucial for you to be able to deal with hazards safely. You will be introduced to the SCAN routine for dealing with all hazards, from parked cars to junctions including roundabouts.

As well as your low speed car control being crucial, where you look is crucial too. You need to look in the direction that the car needs to go. Many people that we see, who have had lessons previously, look mainly right when emerging left from a minor to major road.

During the breaks you will be familiarised with the Driving Test Marking Sheet which has various aspects of driving that you are being tested on. There are three broad categories: How you use the controls of the car, where you place the car on the road and how you react to what you see.

You are likely to be introduced a manoeuvre such as parallel parking, learning the guidelines necessary to control the car to test standard. By the end of the day you should be able to drive for 5 minutes around a simple circuit, without much, if any prompting.

At the end of the session your driving skill levels will be recorded on a progress chart. They will vary enormously in consistency depending on what task is being assessed. You should however be able to achieve a level of ten out of ten for some skills on your very first day and be pleased when you achieve it.

Intensive Driving Course - Day Two

If you were able to steer and brake reasonably well you will move onto a manual car if appropriate. Your intensive driving course will continue to improve your low speed car control and ability to deal with junctions. You should be looking in the coreect direction more today.

The circuit that you drove on on the first day will be extended to include a greater variety of junctions. You will also be encountering more traffic and putting the SCAN routine into practice to deal with this .

Your rate of progress can be improved by concentrating on putting the SCAN routine into action as often as possible. You would probably look at a second reversing manoeuvre such as Bay Parking, learning the control necessary to perform this manoeuvre at the beginning or end of your test.

You will be looking to drive for about ten minutes with minimal help by the end of the day on a quiet circuit. Your skill levels should already be at four out of ten or better for many of the skills that you have learned up till this point. These will be recorded on your progress chart.

Intensive Driving Course - Day Three

You should be out on busier urban roads and also some rural roads. You will be encountering pedestrian crossings and roundabouts and using the SCAN routine to deal with these too. You can still expect to be making mistakes such stalling or braking harshly.

It may well be that your steering will also not be very accurate yet. This is nothing to worry about as you are not yet halfway through the course and the vast majority of your time at the wheel is already up to test standard.

Control for the third of the four manoeuvres would be looked at today. Today's target is to be able to drive for ten to fifteen minutes, consistently using the SCAN routine to deal with the junctions and other hazards that you encounter.

Much of your driving will be around five out of ten, however there will be inconsistencies that vary between two and the ultimate goal of ten out of ten.

Intensive Driving Course - Day Four

You will be reaching higher speeds today if you have not already done so. You may be encountering Dual Carriageways, but not necessarily the larger roundabouts that are often associated with them. If you are still looking the wrong way when emerging from junctions you will need to concentrate on sorting this.

You should feel confident pulling up at the side of a road and moving off again, and your low speed control should enable you to do this from behind a parked car, or on a slope without rolling back.

The final manoeuvre's control should also be familiar to you by the end of the day. At this point pretty well everything that you need to know for the driving test will have been covered.

Do not expect to be able to drive for more than fifteen minutes to test standard by the end of the day, although if you can, naturally it is a bonus. Your progress shett should look quite different to that of the first day. There may still be a few fours and more and more tens.

Intensive Driving Course - Day Five

Today will be the day when you start being able to take more responsibility, if you aren't already. You will be put on mini mock tests so that your instructor can check that you have got the SCAN routine in place. As you improve these tests will increase in length and complexity. Any areas of knowledge that are lacking will be addressed.

Your target for today would be to drive for twenty minutes to test standard and feel confident that you could do more. If you were extremely lucky you might be able to pass a test at this level of skill, due to favourable very traffic conditions. However until your skill levels are all at seven or above you will not be put in for a test as we don't like to trust your safety, or the examiner's, to luck.

Your driving skill will not be varying so much now with most being between five and eight averaging around seven. The average being brought up by those regular tens.

Intensive Driving Course - Day Six

Your confidence from day five should enable to drive for twenty minutes with relative ease. Once you can pass two twenty minute mock tests consecutively, then you should be ready to pass a full 45 minute mock test.

When you can pass a mock test you would look more closely at at the "Show me, Tell me" questions that the examiner will ask you during the test.

Once you have passed a mock test you have the option of stopping the session early if you wish to make sure that you end on a high note.

Your driving progress chart will show your skill to be consistently at eight to ten out of ten during the whole day, with maybe just the occasional lapse to five or six.

Should you not pass a mock test then you will need more practice until you can. In line with DVSA guidance, no-one should go for a test if they are not safe.

Intensive Driving Course - The Test Day

Today should just be about preparing for the test. Ideally you will just do a couple more mock tests. Even if you fail one or both, we know that your chance of passing the real test is enhanced by these reminders that you need to apply the SCAN routine at all times.

Passing both will naturally be a boost to your confidence so that you can go into your test knowing that you know how to pass it. Once you've done the test, that's it, from that moment on you are legal to drive, and you should be all set and done for a lifetime of driving.

After the Test

Your driving skill level for control is likely to become better as you get miles under your belt, however in many people the placement and reaction aspects of their driving deteriorate from this point as they drive more impatiently.

Hopefully you'll take on board what you've learned and improve these too.

Areas of Sussex (and now Kent) that we cover

You can take an intensive driving courses in West Sussex in the areas that include:

  • Arundel
  • Bognor Regis
  • Burgess Hill
  • Chichester
  • Crawley
  • East Grinstead
  • Haywards Heath
  • Horsham
  • Littlehampton
  • Midhurst
  • Petworth
  • Selsey
  • Shoreham
  • Steyning
  • Worthing
  • And all points in between.

Meanwhile in East Sussex we cover the areas around:

  • Battle
  • Bexhill-on-Sea
  • Crowborough
  • Eastbourne
  • Forest Row
  • Hailsham
  • Hastings
  • Heathfield
  • Lewes
  • Newhaven
  • Rye
  • Uckfield
  • And all points in between.

Brighton and Hove are naturally catered for as well. Call us if your location isn’t listed, as we should be able to help.

In Kent we cover:

  • Hawkhurst
  • Tonbridge
  • Tunbridge Wells
  • Sevenoaks
  • And other locations near the Sussex border

While you can arrange lessons in any of these areas it will benefit you most if the majority of your intensive driving course is taken in the area in which you are going to do your test. On the course you will receive one-to-one attention and a training programme designed to make you a safe, confident driver.

Sussex intensive driving courses will teach you to the standard that you need to reach to pass your driving test at whichever of the of six practical driving test centres in Sussex that you choose.

Driving Test Centres in East Sussex

Once you have got up to test standard in East Sussex, you can choose where to take your test from one of two Driving Test Centres.

The east of the county has Hastings Driving Test Centre. If you live in Battle, Bexhill-on-Sea, Hastings, or Rye, you’ll tend to go here.

The other possible venue for driving tests in East Sussex following your intensive driving course is Eastbourne Driving Test Centre. This is likely to be the preferred destination for Learners from Crowborough, Eastbourne, Forest Row, Hailsham, Heathfield, Lewes, Newhaven and Uckfield.

Driving Test Centres in West Sussex

There are four Driving Test Centres in West Sussex where we take those who are ready for their driving test.

If you live in the western part of West Sussex then you will probably take your test at the Chichester Driving Test Centre. Candidates who take their test here usually come from the areas around Arundel, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Midhurst, Petworth and Selsey.

Those that live to east of Arundel will probably take a Driving Test at the Lancing Driving Test Centre. This tends to include includes candidates from Littlehampton, Shoreham, Steyning and Worthing.

The majority of those in the South-East of the county will be tested at the Burgess Hill Driving Test Centre. This includes people from Brighton and Hove, Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath areas.

Those who live closer to Gatwick are likely to go to the Crawley Driving Test Centre at the end of their intensive driving course. Unsurprisingly this will be the premier destination for people from Crawley, East Grinstead and Horsham.

Driving Test Centres in Kent

We cover the East of the county and usually use the Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks Test Centres, if the need arises we can arrange tests in Ashford, Folkestone, Herne Bay and Maidstone.

Driving Test Centres in Surrey

We cover the West of the county and usually only use the Redhill Aerodrome Test Centre, however if the need arises we can arrange tests in Guildford, Morden and Sutton.

Theory Test Centres in Sussex

As well as being well supplied with practical driving test centres there are five theory test centres in the area. East Sussex and West Sussex have two Theory Test Centres each, while there is also one in Brighton.

You will need to pass your theory test before you can take your practical driving test. If you live anywhere in East Sussex, West Sussex or Brighton and you need to book an intensive driving course or short notice driving test, give us a call.