About Us

Driving Lessons and Instructor training from the acknowledged experts

We'd like you to think of us here at Driving Test Pro as the friends who you'd go to for helpful advice about learning to drive, or becoming a skilled instructor.  We're here to provide you with loads of practical information to pass the learner driving test, or the driving instructor Part 2 (driving) and Part 3 (teaching) tests.

We are Martin Ansell ADI and Ian Whitewood ADI. Both Grade A driving instructors with marks that, at the time of writing, put our teaching skills around the top 1% of instructors by official assement in the UK. But we struggled to reach this point, due to the lack of really detailed resources for learners and instructors.

However we learned a lot from our journeys to the top. And now we're giving all the useful information,  which you won't find anywhere else, to you - for free. Like we would to our friends.

Once you understand how to pass the driving test, you'll understand how to use those skills out on the road to keep yourself out of trouble.

We first worked together in 2006 as the original consultants to the Mercedes Benz Young Driver Training Scheme.

But prior to that we had both been involved with different aspects of driving.

Martin was involved in motorsport, building and developing competition cars as well as successfully competing in both the UK and overseas and instructing the finer techniques of car control. He regularly worked at at places like Goodwood, Brands Hatch, and Silverstone. He has also written for various magazines including, most recently in the UK, Intelligent Instructor, which is an industry magazine.

Ian's background was more leisurely, but just as demanding as he was a regular driver for people from the worlds of film and fashion.

We both decided that our combined talents could be put to use to counter a huge lack of high quality help and advice for both learners and instructors

Being so interested in driver skill development, we had both realized that there was no international standard for driver training. Not only that, but all the current training methods are severely lacking in both thought and detail.

All over the world driver training tells you what tactics or memory joggers you have to use to pass your driving test:

  • In the UK it's Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre
  • In the USA  Search-Identify-Predict-Decide-Execute
  • While Can-My-Safety-Be-Given-More-Effective-Attention is used in New Zealand

But although they tell you the tactics of what you have to do they never tell you in detail how to do it. Which means that so called professional instructors the world over leave you to learn to drive through trial and error. No wonder the crash rates for new drivers are so high.

Authorities realize that this crash rate is a problem, but no-one seemed to have any idea about how to solve it.

Which is where we come in.

You see we're not just experts about what's currently taught. We're nerdy experts who want to solve a problem. So we analysed in detail what we do. And we realized what we do is quite different from what learners and instructors are taught.

So we developed a training program that enables people to know how to handle the situations that arise on the driving test and afterwards. That means you can learn to do in a few hours what we took years to figure out. If you copy what we do, you'll pass your test quickly and easily.

Pretty well everything we know is available for free on this website or for a small charge on our app. And although we have links to hundreds of instructors, it's only the instructors that we recommend to you who you can be sure will be teaching just what you see here and on the app.

And here's where you come in. If they don't teach you what we recommend then let us know and we'll see if they've come up with something as good or better. If so we'll add to, or change and improve what we've got here. If not we'll ask them to stick to the advice we've spent years developing. If they don't then we'll take them off our recommended list.

That's all about us.

Now, whether you're a learner or an instructor, let us know a bit about you, by telling us what you think about our idea below.